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The 6. An integrated crossover sits behind the speaker, routing each frequency to its proper component. A rugged stamped steel basket, rubber surround and rugged grilles help ensure that your speaker will be able to stand up to anything you can dish out at it. Kicker is also known for their ultra-high power handling and robust bass response. Like all Kicker speakers, the bass response is impressive. Thanks to the low profile design of the DS65, this speaker drops in with ease in virtually all mounting situations.

Where these speakers from Kicker do fall a bit short is in the durability category. Meanwhile, the DS65 surrounds are made of foam. The Kappa They also feature a composite speaker frame and rubber surrounds, just like the GTOC. Where the Kappa I have a hard time thinking of a 6.

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While that can be said with all component speakers, it holds especially true with infinity. These speakers handle a very impressive W max RMS, which is among the highest power handling of any woofer on the market. Like other models from Infinity and JBL, these speakers also feature Plus One technology, which allows for a larger woofer in the same sized frame.

A polypropylene cone and durable rubber surrounds ensure that the Primus series is built to last. These speakers are a particularly good option for those looking to power their speakers with their existing head unit, as they do a fantastic job of utilizing every bit of available power they have. These speakers produce beautiful bell-like highs and full mids, they even offer decent bass response, making them a good option for installations without a subwoofer. The Primus series offers the impressive sound quality and durability that audiophiles have come to expect from Infinity speakers.

The is a 6. While power handling is nice, it means little if your speakers turn into a distorted mess at higher volumes.

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Fortunately, every aspect of these speakers is designed to handle anything you can dish out. Like the SPS, they also feature a silk dome. These speakers also feature butyl rubber surrounds. Polk Audio has a long-standing reputation for quality and affordability, and that reputation is on full display with the DBS. The speaker itself is shallow, allowing it to fit virtually all mounting applications in any vehicle, and it has multiple mounting options, which allow you to complete a professional quality install with no modification to your vehicle.

However, considering the rock-bottom price of the DBS, the speaker still offers plenty of value. Where this Polk Audio speaker signs, brightest is in its durability. A butyl rubber surround ensures enhanced durability in harsh conditions. The DBS has been overbuilt to achieve marine certification, so you can even feel confident mounting these speakers on a boat or watercraft.

While the slim design makes this one of the easiest speakers on the market to install, the lack of depth is evident when it comes to bass handling. Alpine has developed a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of car audio speakers and components.

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The Type S line is available in six different sizes designed to fit popular stock configurations. They offer great power handling thanks to a 30mm voice coil with a max RMS capacity of 85W and a peak power capacity of W. The SPS are far from the best sounding speakers on the market, but they outperform virtually all other competitors for the money.

The ten speakers we just looked at represent some of the best car speakers on the market. There are a bunch of factors that will influence how good a speaker will sound in a given car. When you close your eyes and picture a car audio speaker, chances are you see a woofer. Woofers are the medium sized speakers that are present in any car audio system. The larger the woofer, the better it is at handling bass frequencies.

Meanwhile, smaller woofers handle frequencies closer to the high end of the range with more accuracy. Tweeters are tiny speakers that handle the high-end frequencies in your music.

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These speakers are typically under 1. In full-range speakers, tweeters are mounted in the middle of the woofer. With component systems, tweeters are usually mounted high in the door panel, or just behind the driver and passenger seats. Crossovers are small electronic components that are present in every car audio system. Crossovers act like little computers, telling the sound where to go based on its frequency. It will also send the mid-range frequencies to the woofers and the high-end frequencies to the tweeters.

In full range systems, the crossover is built into the speaker. With component systems, the crossover is a separate device that must be mounted in the car. Just like every car has crossovers, every car also has amplifiers. However, the stock amplifier present in your car is small and only provides enough power for the stock system in your car. Amplifiers are sold based on the number of speakers they can power. Car audio amplifiers come in several different configurations.

These configurations are based on both the power they supply and the number of speakers that can be attached to them. They are often described as being a mono-channel amp that will power just a single speaker all the way up to a 6 channel amp that can easily power up to 6 different types of speakers.

Amplifiers found in cars typically do not go higher than 6 channels. You must know the number of speakers you want to set up and the power to run those speakers before you can begin your search for your car audio amplifier. Without a doubt, if you add a car audio amplifier to your vehicle sound system it will greatly enhance your listening pleasure. Just like all amplifiers are not all the same, speakers have different characteristics too. It is the different components and drivers the part of a speaker that changes electrical energy into sound waves in a speaker that determines what type of speaker it is.

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The speakers in your vehicle do not all have to be the same type as long as you have the right base unit or amplifier to make them work. These are very popular type speakers to install in a car, truck or SUV. They are popular because they are lower in cost than component type speakers and they usually take up less space too.

They include both a tweeter for reproducing treble based sounds and a woofer capable of reproducing bass based sounds in the exact same unit. The drawback to these type of speakers is their sound quality is not as good as speaker system that uses individual components. They are unique in the fact that it takes only one driver to work both the speaker parts found in them.

Component Speakers These are speaker systems in a vehicle that incorporate many different individual speakers into them.

They usually consist of combinations of speakers that include woofer, tweeter and mid-range speakers. For those who prefer ultra-high quality bass and treble, they may also include subwoofers and super tweeters respectively. Component systems also require individual drivers for each speaker in the setup which means they will require a bigger amplifier too.

Component systems offer the highest quality sound reproduction that can be found in a vehicle. You can easily tell the difference between a car that has a coaxial speaker system and a car that has a component speaker system in most instances. The sound quality in a component system is really that good. The big drawbacks with component systems are the amount of mounting room they take up inside your vehicle and the cost of them. These prime considerations force many vehicle owners to use coaxial based speaker systems.