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This date became considered a watershed moment in recent Italian history. A series of bribery cases led to the conviction and flight of Socialist Bettino Craxi. Sicilian politician Salvo Lima was also murdered. Anti-Mafia investigator Paolo Borsellino was killed in another blast some months later. In An Italian newspaper reported that the remote control to detonate the bomb that killed anti-Mafia prosecutor Paolo Borsellino was hidden inside the intercom at his mother's Palermo residence.

Salvatore Riina was later credited with ordering the murder. In French police arrested Petrella for a petty crime and planned to extradite her to Italy. In a French court ordered her that she be freed from prison because of health problems. A list of 12 demands was written by written by the son of Salvatore "The Beast" Riina on a scrap of paper while his father was still at large during alleged secret negotiations between the state and the Mafia. The note was only made public in S-style 'first-place-takes-all,' single-member district voting system.

The Italian Chamber of Deputies, which has far more political power than the Senate, is now expected to modify the 'pure' party list proportional representation system used to elect its members. Giovanni Brusca was believed to have led teams that damaged the Uffizi museum in Florence with car bombs. He is believed by many to be the leader of the Italian Mafia teams.

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In he was arrested in Sicily and charged with masterminding the murder of Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three bodyguards in In Mafia boss Lelluca Bagarella and 13 others were sentenced to life in prison for the May and July bombings. Two churches in Rome were also damaged, including the Basilica of St. John Lateran, between May and July.

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In Silvio Berlusconi restored immunity for himself and three other office holders. Before his election the post was appointed by local party leaders. The city had been mired in corruption for decades and the new mayor began to clean it up. Demolitions began in She had collected evidence of brutality by Italian officers against Somalis along with evidence of illegal gun-running.

The parents donated his organs and saved 7 lives in Italy. An appeals court in found 2 men guilty of the botched highway robbery. Michelle Ianello was sentenced to life in prison and Francesco Mesiano was sentenced to 20 years. Silvio Berlusconi hosted the G-7 summit in Naples. The Istria of , alternatively called Istra and Istrija, is politically divided into three separate countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

He had forged links with Colombian cartels for transatlantic trade in cocaine. He was extradited to Italy and released when his detention expired. He was rearrested in but disappeared in when sent to a private clinic near Rome following a heart attack. He pledged to resign after approval of a deficit cutting budget. He was the last family member to have held shares in the Gucci fashion company, now part of the Bahrain-based Investcorp. In police arrested his former wife, a psychic, a doorman, and two hitmen for their roles in the murder.

In Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli 50 was convicted and sentenced to 29 years in prison. The psychic got 25, the doorman got 26, the driver got 29 and the gunman got life. Erich Priebke was extradited from Argentina to Italy to face trial for his role in the Ardeatine Caves massacre. A court found him guilty in but released him because too much time had elapsed since the crime.

There was a major uproar and he was again arrested and a trial convicted him and co-defendant Major Karl Hass. Priebke was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Hass was convicted but released due to mitigating circumstances. It was scheduled to be reconstructed and finished by Sep 27, It was later determined by experts to have been caused by arson.

In Italy's top criminal court upheld convictions on arson charges for Enrico Carella and fellow electrician Massimiliano Marchetti, sentencing them to seven and six years in jail respectively. In Carella was arrested in Mexico. He is charged with masterminding the murder of Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three bodyguards in Umberto Bossi is the head of the Northern League and founder of the self-declared Republic of Padania. Their proposed republic includes everything from Florence to the Alps. He appeared in films and had just finished shooting "Journey to the Beginning of the World.

At least people died while on the illegal voyage from Alexandria to Italy. A13 Econ. They matured after the euro deadline and were not counted as current debt. Salvatore "Toto" Riina, the reputed "boss of bosses" was among those convicted for having plotted the assassination of Giovanni Falcone.

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The basilica of Assisi, St. Mary of the Angels, built on the site where St.

Francis died, was severely damaged. An estimated , buildings in the Umbria and Marche regions were damaged. The leftist playwright had been prosecuted by Italy, denounced by Roman Catholic Church leaders and barred from the United States. The month old government was the first leftist-dominated and 55th government since WW II.

Oscar Luigi Scalfaro asked Prodi to stay on as caretaker while a new government is formed. They were attempting to smuggle into Italy from Turkey. Luigi Di Bella 85 had found a cure for cancer, a cocktail of drugs that stopped tumor growth. It was about an immigrant in Italy. It was based on a novel by Dacia Maraini about an 18th century Sicilian deaf mute. It was a tale of the ancient town Pozzuoli set in the present and the time of Nero.

It was jab at the public health system about a patient who checks into a hospital for surgery. It was a spoof on modern consumerism. It was about a young virgin man who had spent his adolescence with an aunt in Rome and then returns home to Turin.

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Another 1, were scheduled to soon arrive from Turkey. German and Austrian officials feared the immigrants would spill over to their countries. The EA-6B aircraft was normally used for patrols over Bosnia and was only slightly damaged. Steven Watters was later relieved of command for telling crew members of a related squadron to destroy evidence in the investigation. The pilot did not have Italian military maps that identified the ski lift.

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  4. Four crewmen were later charged by the Marine Corps with negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter and dereliction of duty. The pilot and navigator faced trial for manslaughter. Pilot Richard J. Ashby was acquitted of all charges in Navigator Joseph Schweitzer was acquitted of manslaughter and negligent homicide charges. Schweitzer later pleaded guilty to obstruction and conspiracy charges for destroying a videotape made during the flight.