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The suffering of Jesus at the hands of His captors purchased healing for the wounded, bruised and lacerated souls of mankind. His healing is so complete it will restore the innocence that has been stolen in childhood. Our wildest imagination cannot conceive the pain our Lord Jesus suffered.

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Discover how you can move beyond your past to a future of promise and hope in my book Discovering True Identity. How to Live as a New Creation. You Have a New Identity in Christ. A New Year a New Identity. Why We Celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

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As is often the case with YouTube, conflict captured attention. The video went viral, receiving over 3. Likes, subscriptions, and donations poured in. Christ already had a substantial subscriber count, but after the signal boost, his fame started to snowball. In the past decade, the internet has become a gargantuan distortion field for religion, reshaping it in unusual ways.

In some respects, the online explosion has made it easier than ever to go to church, ushering in an era of live-streamed services , hyper-linkable Bible passages, and Instagram-friendly congregations. As an ex-Mormon whose departure was brought on by the internet, who created, in a certain sense, a kind of anti-church online, and who garnered, in the span of three years, a significant fraction of the following that the Mormon Church had cultivated over nearly two centuries, YouTube Jesus seemed to embody that impulse.

But Jesus stopped responding to reporters. For all his fame, Christ had also elicited some less supportive responses. His ex-wife had begun compiling excerpts from his videos to use against him in court. Then, another YouTuber accused him of sexual assault, which he had to address in a separate video it proved to be a hoax. All the while, demand for answers about his legal situation outpaced his ability to answer them. The thread was locked not long after it opened.

I just got completely slammed and this got lost in a sea of messages. Love, JC. A lot had changed in three months. In February, his channel had hit 1 million subscribers. And in May, he would be approaching the end of his custody case. Not long after his reply, we met in a Studio71 conference room dotted with heart-shaped decals.

The Logic of Christianity

A tall guy in his thirties with billowing brown hair, a floor-length tunic and an Apple Watch, the YouTuber cuts a confusing figure. In the Mormon Church, Jesus explained, every child receives something called the patriarchal blessing right around puberty. The modern version turns out to be a little less grand, and a lot more specific. To the extent that he knew about computers, he liked them. Mormonism is very structured. It was a full-time job, on top of his actual full—time job most mid-level Mormon officials are unpaid.

That meant waking the kids up at a. It meant sending the older kids off to seminary before their school days at conservative, religious academies, and requiring they give practice sermons on subjects like prayer, tithing, and fasting.

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It also meant banning R-rated movies, pulling Jesus out of sex-ed as a freshman in high school, and boycotting musicians like James Taylor. It worked for Jesus. He loved the faith, the scripture, and the community. Jesus was stoked to be in Argentina, where he could master Spanish his father was fluent. He kept a diligent diary and wrote home every week. A conversion wunderkind, he baptized 24 people.

She missed her husband. She had his photo over the mantle. It was really easy. It was just promising that she was going to see him again, and they would be in heaven together. Jesus did do stuff with computers—loosely. But after Argentina, his first priority was getting married.

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  4. He bypassed college, met a girl at the Singles Ward—a congregation specifically for young, dating Mormons—courted her for 50 days, and married her 50 days later. Eventually, in , he started a company DJing for weddings. Four years later, he got into wedding videography. By the late aughts, Jesus was wholly online. It brought him to the Google Apostasy. The prophet Brigham Young once wrote that there was, literally, a special place in hell reserved for former Mormons.

    But in the s, Mormons were becoming angels of the Devil in increasingly distressing numbers. Church officials blamed the spike on misinformation—a kind of proto-fake news. But apostates saw it differently. Not based upon whacky people, finger pointers, television preachers, weird ceremonies, and all the other things with which humans attempt to burden His name.

    What Would Jesus Bowl

    Use the body of evidence, and then, as C. Lewis said, make a serious and studied choice. How simple can that be? Delivered by FeedBurner. The Logic of Christianity. Why I Love God and C. I try to. Its just that so many of them do. How many? A lot. A few. Would that work? In the movies. How will they know I… you know… did the thing with Jesus? I think the word has been overused. But He will.

    Or hailing a taxi.